Material Waste to Energy

ReSource provides portable waste management tools (Biogas plant) that anyone can use and contribute to their economic well being and the ecology’s well being.  The biogas plant transforms waste to energy and high quality fertilizers. This helps in decentralized production of renewable energy and fertilizers. It is easy to set up and use by apartment complexes and businesses.

The 3E Motto

We aim to find the best solutions using the client’s knowledge and best practices in environmental sciences. We have created the 3E Principle to get a win-win situation.

Ecologic, Economic and Efficient (3E)

Ecologic:  A win-win situation with the environment
Greenhouse gas emissions, odour problems and nutrient leaching are eliminated using bio-refinery processes that transform organic waste into natural fertilizers of high value.

Economic:  High Profitability
Organic waste from every source – municipal, agriculture, industry, food production (diary) etc, are sources for renewable energy and a form of wealth.

Efficient: High Net Efficiency
At any given industry energy wastage in the processes is high.  With efficient solutions one can eliminate wastage and generate energy that can bring in more profits.

Biogas Systems

50kgs – 500kgs of Waste

Biogas systems use natural interaction between microorganisms and organic wastes, such as manure, sewage, agricultural by-products, and discarded food, and to produce clean burnable gas for cooking and for electricity. It saves on garbage disposal and bills on cooking, heating and electricity. At ReSource we provide small to large biogas systems

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