Waste Water Treatment

Enhanced environmental standards, more stringent controls, increasing public awareness, and the new effluent treatment regulations from pollution Control Board have placed greater importance to install correctly sized and properly designed effluent treatment plant. Automobile service stations range from authorised service centres to small scale service stations, which undertake repair, washing and servicing of vehicles.

Population explosion has also led to enhanced automobile possession. Apart from vehicular pollution there is a lot of water is wasted daily for vehicle washing and servicing. This wash water contains paint, oil and grease, detergents, phosphates, hydrouoric acid, ammonium biuoride products and heavy metals. Waste water from such units is greasy and oily and need extra care in treatment. Government regulations ensure that this wastage is managed appropriately. However in most cases there is considerable wastage that can be converted to savings if managed wisely.

ReSource Features and benefits

Our processes ensure recovery and reuse of wash water, giving substantial reduction in use of water.  The system provides consistent quality of treated water even with variation in feed quality.   Quite naturally there is lesser footprint by way of water wastage: An important indicator of the efficiency of the unit.

Wastewater generated from carwash is one of the main wastewater resources, which contribute effectively in the increasing of environmental contamination due to the chemical characteristics of the car wastes. Among several types of wastewater, the carwash wastewater represents one of the heavily contaminated wastes with high impurities. It was due to presence of sand and particles, oil and grease, surfactants, detergent, phosphates and hydrofluoric acid and the direct disposal for wastewater into the drainage exacerbates the natural water pollution.

There are no quality regulations for the water, which are used for car wash. Therefore, the wastewater generated from car washes with high turbidity might be treated using coagulation and flocculation methods and reused again, both methods are efficient for turbidity and economic. The coagulation and flocculation treatment are one of the important stage in the wastewater treatment processes.

There are manifold benefits in using ReSource:

  • Modular unit for easy capacity add on 
  •  Minimum chemical requirement, hence reduced operating cost 
  • Internet of Things (IOT) based automated operation, hence minimal manpower requirement for operation and monitoring.
  • We offer standard as well as customized models as per the customer requirement.
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