Powered by Aquaporin inside®


ONE is a machine in its own league. High flow technology due to Aquaporin inside® and an efficient design ensure a high level of water recovery at 60%.

  • High water recovery means less waste
  • High and continuous flow of purifies water at 1.75 L/min
  • High performance even in low water pressure conditions
  • Filter replacement indicator on the machine

Focus on the User Experience
The user experience is characterised by a constant high performance and easy maintenance.

ONE is a compact machine with slim design ( 46 x 42 x 13.2 cm). The machine has a booster pump which ensures a constant high performance by stabilising the inlet water pressure. An indicator on the machine tells us when it is time to replace the filters, which is an easy task with only two cartridges (PCB & RO)

Point-of-Use water treatment
Powered by Aquaporin inside®