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Water Purification

To those who like to drink great tasting water, to those who appreciate simplicity, to those who are tired of carrying plastic bottles from the supermarket.

To those who want their tap water to be the very best it can be. Here is Zero. 
A revolutionizing water purification system (Point of Use), ready to provide you with great tasting water.


Powered by
Aquaporin inside®

ONE is a machine in its own league. High flow technology due to Aquaporin inside® and an efficient machine design ensure a high level of water recovery at 60%.

The user experience is characterised by a constant high performance and easy maintenance.

The machine has a booster pump which ensures a constant high performance by stabilising the inlet water pressure.


Designed with large, commercial spaces in mind, EnozoPRO gets you the industrial-capacity sanitizing power you need to keep your business running. Make your cleaning sustainable and ditch the synthetic chemicals, mixing, diluting and odors for a water-based sanitizing alternative that leaves behind no residues.