Resoure Management Consulting

Consulting and impact studies

Hydraulic management, project enhancement, technical dominance of installations and networks and organizations and association of traffic are significant issues for modern site engineers. We offer our clients help and spot our mastery of the entire water cycle available to them.

Regulatory Support:

Improving the sustainability of your business, managing completion schedules, and obtaining permits:

At RESOURCE we comprehend that organizations need to ensure their exercises are sustainable in the long term, which is why we commit to providing comprehensive support right through to securing project approval.

Our knowledge into current guidelines, our capacity to foresee change and our knowledge with the permitting process enable us to provide intelligent support that is adapted to the specificities of your project. Our groups work effectively and efficiently to deal with your tasks as per your deadlines and in consistence with legal and environmental norms. We uphold our clients by offering the accompanying types of services:

  • regulatory compliance audits.
  • auditing and uphold in actualizing actions to prevent and improve waste management to reduce environmental impacts.
  • regulatory submissions
  • risk and hazard management
  • impact assessments (biodiversity, water, waste)
Site Development

Augmenting the integration of facilities into their surroundings in accordance with costs and deadlines

Overseeing water and wastewater, enhancing projects, managing facilities and networks and planning traffic flow –– these are a portion of the major difficulties confronting industrial site managers.

RESOURCE gives the full scope of skills needed for the fruitful completion of facilities engineering projects and joins them in an incorporated manner as according to the specificities of each project:

  • Planning and creating site infrastructure.
  • Ensuring that access roads are compatible with site requirements
  • Facilitating site availability
  • Planning for water and wastewater streams
  • Remediating and recovering destinations (deconstruction, remediation, asbestos evacuation)
  • Incorporating projects into their environmental factors.
Water Management

Augmenting water supply and distribution systems, while reducing your water footprint

RESOURCE gives its clients with its total water cycle expertise, from sourcing to discharge of the resource, and its knowledge of wastewater effluent management.

To authorize and protect a high-quality water supply at an ideal expense and in consistence with environmental regulations and norms, we offer help in:

  • Providing sites with high-quality water
  • Safeguarding and optimising resources
  • Modelling and planning networks.
  • Recognizing and planning existing organizations
  • Recognizing and executing a stormwater management solution.
  • Planning and optimising treatment of a site’s wastewater
  • Converting wastewater into energy or recoverable materials

Economic and Environmental Performance

Today, economic sustainability suggests environmental execution. Manufacturers must control their environmental footprint to safeguard their production. As an expert in water and waste cycles and in energy management, RESOURCE provides innovative solutions to improve your economic and environmental performance.

Sustainable Growth

Promising Sustainable Growth and Segregating

As resources become scarcer and regulations become stricter, manufacturing organizations are having to reconcile their economic and environmental performance targets. Today, environmental productivity provides a real competitive edge in terms of differentiation and sustainable growth.

  • Improving the economic and environmental performance of your business promises you:
  • Expanded sales by boosting your organization’s image and by giving a appropriate reaction to the desires for your end clients.
  • Greater productivity by optimising investment and operational costs.
  • Better risk management by safeguarding production: resource management and protection, regulatory compliance, controlled environmental impact.

From initial analysis to execution of proper solutions, RESOURCE shares its expertise and skill in water, waste, and energy management to help companies meet their economic and environmental performance targets.

Evaluating Performance

Evaluating the Performance of Your Value Chain

As a prodigy in improving presentation, RESOURCE has built up a range of multi-disciplinary skills in water, waste, energy, biodiversity, mobility etc. We design and execute innovative improvement plans to augment productivity by reconciling economic goals and environmental impact.

Circular economy 

Individuals must totally re-examine their relationship with RESOURCES. They need to resuscitate a new more balanced, more sustainable financial and social evolution model. Our central goal?

To encourage the adoption to a more circular economy. To offer novel solutions that creates approach to resources and secures and recommences them. Over the world.

Setting targeted performance goals

An initial valuation enables you to identify and set an optimum and realistic environmental target with clear goals, converted into detailed and computed objectives, and a well-argued stance on these goals.

Quantifying the performance of your products and services

RESOURCE has developed well-organized tools based on a lifecycle analysis approach, which enable public and private stakeholders to evaluate the environmental performance of their activity throughout their value chain.

Comparing the environmental footprint of different industrial plants or products

Our environmental footprint tools give an overall rating of current execution in terms of relevant guidelines, practices, and principles. This rating empowers us to complete similar investigation of various situations to recognize the accepted procedures/embrace an eco-plan approach.

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