Our Purpose

For more than a decade, water, sanitation, waste collection and recovery activities and services have been essential. RESOURCE draws on the expertise it has been developing to help people constantly improve their quality of life by protecting their health and supporting economic growth.

At RESOURCE, we are persuaded that continuing with human development is only possible if economic, social, and environmental issues are addressed as an indivisible whole.

In the conduct of our current businesses in water, waste, and energy, we give our public and private clients with solutions that facilitate access to essential services and natural resources, and that efficiently conserve, use, and recycle those natural resources. Enhancement of our ecological footprint and that of our clients is vital to our business and its economic model.

We are an organization with a high level of technical know-how and labor, and which commits for extended period. We ensure long term results for our clients by utilizing our long experience, the quality of our services and our high capacity for innovation.

RESOURCE’s prosperity is founded upon its usefulness to all its stakeholders in the various regions where it operates – whether clients, shareholders, employees, suppliers, current populations, or future generations. Its performance must therefore be assessed in various dimensions corresponding to those different communities concerned. The company pays the same degree of attention and requires the same high standards in each of these dimensions.

In this way, RESOURCE prepares for the future, protecting the environment and responding to humanity’s vital needs.

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