We are the pioneers

of the Greenest

Cleaning Solutions in India

We are Water Specialists. You can call us Water Engineers, Water Managers or Water Treatment Specialists.

We endeavour to provide the best water solutions for you: Economically sound and ecologically safe and sustainable.

We come with years of experience with the most demanding entities.

As lockdown eases, we must make our workplaces safer for human interactions by continuing to clean, sanitize and disinfect. If we continue to use chemicals in large quantities, packed and delivered in plastic containers, the impact on the environment increases manifold- chemical load and the disposed plastic containers.

What do we do?

Our innovative Conductive Diamond Electrolysis technology converts tap water into Activated Ozone Water, a natural agent that destroys germs and micro-organism in seconds, making our homes, offices, hospitals, schools, malls and other places safer.

What do we stand for?

Our inspiration to create the GREENEST technology came from Nature itself. The realisation that for millions of years before the industrial revolution, nature had a way of keeping itself balanced. We believe technology should enable people to make the world a better place without taxing the environment.


The Challenge

The world is battling pandemic. The Disinfectant and Sanitizer are vanishing from the shelves of supermarkets. Many chemicals are consumed in this process of killing bacteria and viruses.



Life is changing as we continue to find ways to combat the virus that has put us in jeopardy. From face masks to hand washes and staying away from each other. No more handshakes, a "Namaste" will do please. Yes, there is a paradigm shift and since survival is dependent on our ability to adapt to new (and must) changes, we have to do our best. One of the things we can do is ensure clean drinking water..
Dr Sandeep Mudaliar





Harish is a qualified environmentalist with a post graduate degree in Environmental Science. It was natural for him to get into water related issues as it was close to his heart.

He is a passionate researcher, entrepreneur, and science and technology evangelist.  He is always trying to find sustainable, natural solutions for everyday situations. Diamond Drops is his belief that long before industrial revolution, nature took care of its balance, and still does.  He believes that science and technology should complement nature and should be used to minimize waste, pollution and adverse effects on natural resources.

Harish founded Resource Environmental Engineering to focus on water and to fulfill human needs with the least impact on the ecology.

He answers public queries (anything to do with water)on #askharish.

His quotes on water are on #harishsays

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Chetan Kumar
Co-founder & Director

Chethan Kumar is an accomplished and fluent communicator with strong investigation, problem-solving and decision-making skills, combined with a pragmatic approach and sound business acumen.  He co-founded Resource and manages the Operations and Financial functions of forecasting, budgeting & reporting.  He is also in charge of managing and guiding Project Implementation of REEPL projects. He additionally takes care of Human Resource & IT related works & procedures.

Prior to Resource he worked as a software engineer with leading telecom companies. He has worked in Huawei and Ericsson among others in over 12 locations the globe. He is result-oriented and organized, delivering effective and profitable business solutions in areas of Planning, Development, Implementation, Testing and Application Support for Telecom Online Charging System.

Apart from a BE in Electronics & communication he has been conferred a Strategic Management Certification from IISC, Bangalore, and is an accomplished yoga practitioner with a “Yoga Masters” from Swami Vivekananda Yoga University (Svyasa), Bangalore. He loves to read and travel and in between practices and teaches yoga.